Why EML?

Electromagnetic Launch Technology holds the promise of truly low-cost access to orbit. This is no small thing. It is the economics of space that keeps us from the promise of space.

Unlimited clean, renewable energy from a place where it is high noon 24/7 to anywhere we want it. What could that do for human happiness and progress? It’s not happening, because space is too expensive.

How about unlimited raw materials with all the metals and minerals we would ever need with no environmental damage? It’s not happening, because space is too expensive.

Moon resources, including water, oxygen, iron, and titanium are abundant on the moon. NASA’s Artemis and Lunar Gateway project intend a permanent return to the moon, in part to extract useful moon resources for further solar system exploration and the settlement of Mars. Launch to orbit is a necessary part of this effort.


The moon is uniquely suited to electromagnetic launch with its solar energy, ever present vacuum, low temperature and reduced need for high escape velocity to reach orbit.

We could build habitats in space for humans to live and travel the solar system safe from radiation and the debilitating effects of weightlessness. It’s not happening, because space is too expensive.

The price of getting to low-earth orbit is $1,000 per pound.
EML can deliver at $3.00 per pound. That’s why.

The prize of truly low-cost access to space is so great, the research and engineering effort is well worth it.

America pioneered the high energy physics and engineering of Electromagnetic Launch Technology.  Now, this technology is poised to deliver the greatest economic prizes of the 21st century.  Dramatically changing the cost of access to low earth orbit will end energy poverty on earth and more.  We have gathered together the key experts from all over the world to show this technology has moved from feasible to actionable.