Why EML?

To Make the Future Work 

Electromagnetic Launch Technology holds the promise of truly low-cost access to orbit. This is no small thing. It is the economics of space that keeps us from the promise of space.   

Unlimited clean renewable energy from a place where it is high noon 24/7 to anywhere we want it.  What would that do for human happiness and energy poverty?  Space based solar is a proven technology but the economics say it’s folly until we dramatically change the cost of getting to orbit.


Unlimited raw materials with all the metals and minerals we would ever need with no environmental damage?  We know HOW to do it, but it isn’t happening, because getting the needed equipment and fuel to orbit is way too expensive.


Are we alone? There’s no more fundamental question in all of science than to ask, “is there other life out there?”  We should go explore all the planets and moons that might harbor life.  We could build habitats in space for humans to live and explore the solar system safe from radiation and the debilitating effects of weightlessness, but getting the needed material into orbit is too expensive.


Reusable rockets have made a dramatic improvement in the economics of space, but the price of getting to low earth orbit is still $1,000.00 per pound.  EML can deliver at $3.00 per pound.


Space – and the future –  will be won with logistics, that means putting supplies into space with costs resembling long distance trucking.


That’s why Electromagnetic Launch.